• As China becomes wealthier and more sophisticated, Chinese companies and consumers expect more from foreign brands and partners than ever before. They expect you to understand the Chinese market. They expect an accessible web and social presence, with good Chinese-language copy. They expect your marketing efforts to match their platforms and behavior. Sunrise Cross Border supports our clients in localizing to the Chinese market, while maintaining their identity, preserving their interests, and upholding their values.

  • Know Your Market in China

    Market Entry

    Entering China can seem daunting. With more than 100 cities of 1,000,000+ people, China is a constellation of markets inside one country. From legal registration questions, to market segmentation and pricing, to identifying the right partners, Sunrise can help you develop a strategic go-to-market plan.

    Branding Strategy

    How can you convey who you are and what your value proposition is to Chinese consumers and partners? Sunrise works with your team to refine your brand’s visual identity and voice in Chinese.

    Customer Experience Research

    You know how customers in your home market experience your brand, but what about Chinese users who live behind a language barrier and the Great Firewall? Sunrise tells the full story of how your brand appears on the Chinese internet.

    Market Research

    Market Research is your brand present in China but considering a major pivot, introducing a new product, or forging a new partnership? Sunrise’s market research reports help you navigate significant changes to your business in China and avoid costly pitfalls.

  • Building Your Local Digital Presence


    Website Development

    Sunrise Cross Border creates beautiful, mobile-optimized websites for our clients that are locally hosted in China, with an ICP license. This allows us to guarantee that your web content will load quickly behind the Firewall and will allow you to do local search engine marketing in the future.

    Official Wechat Accounts

    Wechat is China’s largest social network and reigning “superapp”. Official accounts are excellent ways to advertise, update customers, and control the discussion around your brand. Sunrise Cross Border helps our clients navigate a cumbersome registration process and publish compelling content.

    Official Weibo Accounts

    Imagine if Twitter joined forces with Instagram, with an amazing backend for advertisers, low cost per impression, and 500 million users. Then you’d have Weibo. Sunrise helps our clients set up Weibo accounts and put out pictures, videos, text, and 360 media that pop out to users and inspire them to learn more.

    Official Douyin Accounts

    Douyin, TikTok’s local Chinese cousin, has taken the internet by storm, and it’s not all silly dances these days. Companies ahead of the curve have taken note. Sunrise helps our clients to create vertical videos and captivating messages that feel just like native content posts and capture users’ attention for 15-30 seconds.

    Social Commerce Solutions

    For many e-commerce brands, JD and TMall are too expensive and sometimes just feel downright unfair. Sunrise Cross Border helps our clients set up stores that are native to major Chinese social media platforms and curate high-impact campaigns to attract customers.

  • China Digital Marketing


    Social Media Campaign Management

    Sunrise Cross Border helps our clients navigate China’s complex social media marketing landscape. We manage in-platform campaigns and coordinate influencer partnerships with an uncompromising focus on high-quality traffic that maximizes ROI.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Baidu. Shenma. Sogo and the others. Sunrise Cross Border’s SEO service helps our clients take an active role in the discussion of their brands on major Chinese media platforms, discussion boards like Tieba, and knowledge platforms like Zhihu, while boosting our client’s organic search results for strategic keywords.

    Search Engine Marketing


    It’s never been a better time to do search engine marketing in China, as Baidu’s dominance gives way to emerging platforms with great ROI for advertisers. Sunrise Cross Border makes Chinese SEM simple.

    Event Activation


    Need someone to line up 10 days of meetings with BD prospects in China? Or how about a reception for your clients? Perhaps you organize a trade show abroad and want to bring it to China? Sunrise Cross Border has an in-house team of events managers and BD professionals to make your event unforgettable.

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