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AR Pioneers Wrapup: Activating AR in the Chinese Market

Sunrise and Zappar Present on AR in China at AR Pioneers

The AR Pioneers 2022 event featured 13 inspiring talks about the creative uses of web-based Augmented Reality (AR). Sunrise International was delighted to lead the session "Activating AR in the Chinese Market", with Zappar CEO Caspar Thykier, Zappar CTO Connel Gauld, Sunrise International CEO Gavin Newton-Tanzer, and Sunrise COO David Weeks. Anyone interested in mobile AR in China for marketing, branding, retail, customer service, and more can view the full recording below! Key takeaways included:

  • China's internet ecosystem is unique, and load times for websites hosted overseas are often 5-8x slower without local hosting in China. Fast load times are crucial for effective AR campaigns.
  • The vast majority of Chinese users scan QR codes using Wechat rather than a native camera app, meaning that any AR experience in China must function inside of Wechat's browser. Wechat has 1.3 billion MAUs in Q3 2022.
  • Launching AR experiences in China can help brands to direct traffic to thier own e-commerce websites rather than ceding traffic and revenue to e-commerce marketplaces such as TMall or JD.
  • Hosting AR experiences in China requires either getting an ICP filing, which either requires working with a local Chinese partner or using a brand's local Chinese entity to undergo a complex registration process.
  • Launching AR experiences in China requires sensitivity to the aesthetic preferences and cultural differences in China.
  • China's Mobile AR market is expected to be at $36.9 billion by 2027 and to account for 47.7% of the total global mobile AR market. Mobile AR in China is projected to have 52.6% CGAR by then.
  • Zappar, in partnership with Sunrise International, will be offering localized AR experiences in China, bringing the award-winning ZapWorks AR creative suite to users in China.

Interested in learning more about Mobile AR for marketing and branding in China? Reach out to Zappar to learn about local Chinese hosting for AR experiences built on its award-winning AR creative suite. Reach out to Sunrise International to learn more about marketing your products and experiences on Chinese digital platforms.