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Nine Trends in 2022 That Will Shape XR for China and the World

AWE Asia has published a report on their observations of XR in 2021, and what they expect to be the greatest trends and movements in the industry in 2022. AWE Asia lists nine trends that they expect to take center stage as the industry grows in the coming year: 

  1. Global XR revenue growth, record-breaking hardware sales, and rising adoption rates in 2021 have set high expectations for the growth of the industry in 2022 and beyond. 
  2. The “Metaverse” becomes the new catch-all word and brings XR into the mainstream cultural imagination for 2022.
  3. New and improved AR developer platforms will make AR development easier in 2022.
  4. Apple’s VR and MR headsets will continue to stoke anticipation in 2022, but not before more waiting and uncertainty.
  5. Upgraded VR hardware releases will widen the lead of incumbent providers, offering consumers and enterprises more choices in 2022.
  6. Enterprise AR hardware is getting lighter and faster, growing the number of use cases and the potential enterprise user base in 2022.
  7. Developments in Chinese and overseas regulatory environments will test the idea of one Metaverse in 2022.
  8. XR will continue making major inroads into the education, automotive, and film industries in 2022.
  9. Investment and M&A in XR have heated up, with no signs of cooling in 2022


Read AWE Asia's full article below, and visit the AWE Asia site to learn more about the 2022 conference in Shanghai from August 26-27.