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  • Website Development

    Clean, user-friendly design

    CN domain registration and ICP license

    One year of hosting fees

    Translation and localization of copy

    Baidu analytics integration

    Local hosting of all media

    Seamless integrations with local forms and CRM systems

    Launch times in 5 weeks

  • Sunrise Cross Border creates beautiful, mobile-optimized websites for our clients that are locally hosted websites in China, with an ICP license. This allows us to guarantee that your web content will load quickly behind the Firewall and will allow you to do Chinese SEO / SEM. Sunrise’s web development services include:

  • Wechat Official Accounts

    Wechat is China’s most popular social media messaging app, with over 1 billion active users. Wechat began as an app with similar functions to Whatsapp and Facebook, but it’s become a “super app” that can do everything, from ubiquitous mobile payment, to renting a car, to booking a doctor’s appointment.


    Companies set up official accounts for marketing or customer service, and e-commerce brands often create Wechat applets or Wechat H5 sites for a more rich brand immersive experience. Companies can get official accounts verified by Wechat and gain access to the ad function and may begin running ad campaigns on Wechat.

  • Subscription Wechat accounts help with:

    • Publishing
    • Lead Generation
    • Service Wechat accounts help with:

    Customer service
    Down-funnel interactions

    Sunrise can help you:

    • ​Register your official account
    • Get speedy Wechat official account verification
    • Developing a comprehensive posting strategy and brand voice on Wechat
    • Creating a Wechat “mini program” tool
    • Responding to customer inquiries and moderating comments
    • Creative and design support in developing social campaigns
    • Creating content, articles, short form videos, memes, and interactive experiences
    • Translate and localize content
  • Weibo Official Accounts

    Weibo is China’s Twitter-meets-Instagram. It’s an open platform, so users can see posts from other users and accounts without needing to “add” them. Companies set up and verify Weibo accounts to push messages to Chinese social media users and to target specific demographics in China through Weibo instream ads. Users go on Weibo to catch up on current events and celebrity gossip, and most posts lead with a picture or video with a short caption.


    Similar to Wechat, Sunrise can help you get your Weibo account verified with Sina, which is helpful in building trust, credibility, and confidence that your account is the “real” one that they’re looking for. Once you have your verified account, you’ll be best positioned to run ads on Weibo and utilize the fantastic “fensitong” (roughly, “fan builder”) tool that allows for precise demographic targeting.

  • Sunrise can help you:

    • Register a Weibo official account
    • Manage and schedule posts
    • Generate beautiful content like sharp videos and immersive VR media
    • Respond to customer inquiries and moderate comments
    • Translate and localize content
  • Douyin Official Accounts

    Douyin is quickly climbing the ranks of Chinese social media and recently overtook Weibo in number of daily active users. Douyin is similar to TikTok and is best known for viral, short-video content (15-60 seconds) paired with catchy music. The videos are accessible, mostly entertaining, and occasionally educational.

    Douyin has quite robust e-commerce integrations, and a galaxy of Douyin KOL marketers have popped up in the past few years. Similar to TikTok, brands can create their own accounts and share posts organically and inorganically to user’s feeds. Unlike Wechat and Weibo, these ad posts appear almost identical to user-generated content, so long as the ad is shot as a video configured for vertical mobile devices, boosting CTR.

  • Sunrise can help you:

    • Register a Douyin official account
    • Manage and schedule posts
    • Generate beautiful content like sharp videos and immersive VR media
    • Respond to customer inquiries and moderate comments
    • Translate and localize content
  • China ECommerce Solutions

    For many e-commerce brands, JD and TMall are too expensive and sometimes just feel downright unfair. Sunrise Cross Border helps our clients set up stores that are native to major Chinese social media platforms and curate high-impact campaigns to attract customers.
  • Sunrise helps our ecommerce clients to:

    • Set up Ecommerce stores on Wechat
    • Design and layout
    • Develop a marketing and platform strategy
    • KOL Campaigns on Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu)
    • Option for stand-alone store in Wechat, Wechat applet creation, or API integration for your current website.
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