• Consulting


  • Market Research

    Let Sunrise help you know more about the China market!

    Market Entry

    Sunrise CBS has a strong understanding of the Chinese system. We have extensive experiences navigating the ever-changing Chinese landscape with a track record of helping brands fully capture their opportunity here.


    Target Clients

    Sunrise CBS will offer you a solution by analysis of market quotation and trends. Our research helps you to see and seize opportunities, create unique value, and achieve loyalty.

    Competitor Analysis

    Sunrise CBS provides a suite of market and competitive intelligence reports to help you make more strategic marketing decisions. We will fully analyze your competitor's product positioning, pricing changes, customer reviews, content marketing, and more.

    Data Mining

    Want a list of 200 Chinese companies in Shenzhen that design standing desks and their contact information? Maybe a list of 500 shoe factories across Mainland China? From lead generation to contacts and potential customers, we can acquire the data you want.

  • Events & Roadshows

    We run high-quality and high-profile events for professional organizations


    Our event management service can be tailored to your requirements. We work behind the scenes, and also help you set up stands, onsite registration services, and even staff your check-in desk. We’ll also produce all documentation for trade shows including location, stand details, demo information, audience attendance, and key corporate messaging.


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  • Expos

    Our Event Services team assists clients with the physical aspects of organising events. We design and produce custom modular exhibition stands, providing clients with build and installation services throughout China. These include floor plan production, event planning and management, venue and equipment logistics and complete on-site support. Take a look at a few examples of expo merchandise you can choose from.

  • Roadshows

    We can help you schedule meetings and events for your company in China.

    List of Existing Events to Attend


    The Sunrise team carefully plans programs directed at foreign enterprises wishing to build long-lasting connections in China by directly engaging with consumers.

    Local Coordination and Implementation


    Due to our familiarity with local attitudes, Sunrise offers specialist services for your company including brochure design and printing, venue scouting, booth infrastructure, and more.

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