Social Campaign Management

  • Sunrise Cross Border helps our clients navigate China’s complex social media marketing landscape. Sunrise’s China social media marketing services helps our clients to:

  • Grow fan bases, drive traffic to a website or store, or capture user data


    Manage effective Wechat moments ads and Wechat banner ads


    Develop Weibo instream ads, Weibo banner ads, Weibo hashtag ads, and Weibo opening page ads


    Manage Douyin and Toutiao campaigns


    Develop a KOL strategy and

    managing KOLs campaigns, with real analytics

  • Sunrise is unique among digital marketing agencies in that we focus on engagement KPIs and outcomes, rather than encouraging you to spend as much as possible so that we can collect a higher management fee. We’re also unique in the structure of our organization. The lion’s share of our team works on fulfillment and customer success out of our Beijing headquarters so that more of your money goes to the team that works on your campaign.

    Social campaigns in China are different:

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Search engine optimization (SEO) in China is crucial not only for generating leads and new customers, but also for allowing users to do research on your company to make sure that you’re a trustworthy and legitimate company. While most of your SEO work likely involves Google, Google has been blocked in China for almost a decade, and local search platforms like Baidu and Shenma dominate the landscape. Sunrise’s SEO services help you:

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Now is an exciting time for SEM in China. Advertisers have many more high-quality tools than they did a few years ago. Baidu SEM still matters, but there are more alternatives like Toutiao and Zhihu that are quickly closing the gap with incumbent Baidu. Sunrise’s China SEM services help our clients to:

  • Sunrise is unique among China SEM agencies in that we balance skill and experience with the incumbent Baidu with alternate platforms that often deliver much lower costs per click and costs per conversion. As one of the only China-focused firms that offer social media management, web development, social and search marketing, video and VR production, and market research all in house, we’re able to make sure that every single campaign you run reflects your company’s strategy, brand voice, and visual identity.



    Event Activation

  • Need someone to line up 10 days of meetings with BD prospects in China? Or how about a reception for your clients? Perhaps you organize a trade show abroad and want to bring it to China? Sunrise Cross Border has an in-house team of event managers and BD professionals to make your event unforgettable. Sunrise’s events team has run everything, from networking cocktail hours, to admitted student receptions, to tech and travel trade shows, to academic conferences. Sunrise’s local event production services include:

    Arranging business development trips to China, including scheduling, arranging transportation, housing, and translation services

    Creative concept development


    Building event web pages and registration forms / RSVPs


    Ticketing and accounting


    Design for signage

    Decoration, setup, and teardown

    Identifying unique venues

    Securing local event permits and contracting security

    Marketing your event through social, search, KOLs, and newsletters

    Inviting local media to participate

    Identifying local partners who can speak at or support your event

    Photography and videography


    At Sunrise, we believe that creativity, detail, and experience matter. We curate unique activities for events in China, infusing global perspectives with local themes. We sweat the small stuff so that participants can enjoy an unforgettable experience. Our team of event managers and digital media experts have a combined 200 years of event production experience. As one of the only digital agencies in China that produces large scale events, we bring a technologically adept events team together with a logistically savvy digital media team to make your event a success.

    Sunrise has been proud to host events in partnership with the Augmented World Expo, Forbes, the People's Government of Beijing Municipality, and hundreds of recognized brands and highly regarded universities from around the world.